4 thoughts on “Luxury jewelry is appropriate or is it suitable to buy it? Who is important to brand, style, material?”

  1. For jewelry, people are more concerned about the factors such as brands, materials, styles, and prices, and ignore the real needs of jewelry. We need to understand which aspects should be started when comparing many factors, or which factors should be started, or which factors should be. It is more important, and at the same time, we need to know the true intention of our jewelry.
    Why do you need to understand the true intentions of jewelry jewelry and many factors such as brands, materials, styles, etc., because if our demand is more suitable for leasing and does not need to be purchased, then we can use less costs to enjoy the cost Better products.
    In according to the scene needs, choose to buy or rent? This is the right decision
    Why do women need jewelry? In fact, there are a lot of scene requirements. For example, if you usually match you want to make yourself more beautiful, go to an important dinner to make yourself glorious, or you need jewelry as a token for the wedding. Many, in fact, we only need to wear it once, and we need to try to achieve better results as much as possible to achieve better results. Some scenes we need to buy, and the jewelry we really have can be a testimony of memories.

    In daily life, we need to wear jewelry in most scenes. In fact, what really needs is new styles, preferential prices, and convenient services, which fully meets the leased jewelry brought by the leased jewelry. Perfect experience. Through the leasing method, you can choose more new jewelry. You don't have to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of costs at one time. You don't have to worry about what to deal with expensive jewelry later. All this is given to the platform. You just wear it.
    brand, material, style, which is important for jewelry?
    After determining your true needs, you should also understand the choice of brand, material, style and other factors.
    For this problem, everyone will be surprised, isn't the brand guarantee? Maybe it is true in other artificial industrial products, but in the field of jewelry, finish! Complete! Do not! Yes! one! Back! thing! There are two differences: First, jewelry is a masterpiece of nature. The quality of quality can only be selected and cannot be controlled. At least 7 digits), suitable for red carpets and high premiums.
    It today's jewelry is reflected in two aspects, the value of the first material, and the premium of the second brand. Valuable materials, for example, diamonds, red and salads, emeralds, cat eyes, Opal, sharp crystals, emerald, Hetian jade, can't help but let fellow eyes look good.

    of course, if you wear high -end gems, the brand is international big name, it is naturally the choice of local tyrants. And low -grade materials, without brand value, are indeed few choices. So the question is: low -grade materials big brands, or high -end materials no brand, how do you choose?
    The new players of jewelry will indeed encounter such problems and want to buy some jewelry, but what do you buy? Where can I buy it? Generally speaking, the easiest is the ordinary brands around the surrounding areas, which are those who are well -known for passers -by. The favorite style starts to buy. As one of them is out of control, the more you buy, the more advanced, from Zhou Dafu to Tiffany, from Cartier to Bulgari, the rich in Van Cleene is more rich. At first, everyone would really see what the brand was. When I walked into the specialty store, I felt that every one in it was tall. But after playing for a while, I quickly found the entry model inlaid with broken diamonds. The material was not very valuable. The lady of the nightclub and the grocery shop also wore the same Taobao explosion. Try to take a magazine with a high -end product printed with a certain international brand to ask the store to ask for inquiries. The answer to the waiter was "there is no Chinese counter, you need to go to the main store in Fangdeng Square in Paris, or make an appointment for you."
    The brand jewelry has its advantages: the end of history, the design of the people's hearts, the level of technology, the endorsement of the world's top stars, coupled with the comprehensive sales channels and marketing models, it is not difficult to be sought after. However, after the 1970s, a large number of jewelry brands with a long history have been acquired by commercial groups. Under the business operation of making money as the only purpose of business, the brilliant works that truly inherit these top brands have been reduced to the homepage of the magazine, and it has been reduced to "Paris Fangdeng Square Plaza "Flagship Store", and ordinary consumers can buy, also the most proud product of commercial groups is our so -called "entry series", snail*ring, bomb*ring, four*grass ... with the cheapest materials, cooperate with overwhelming and overwhelmed the earth Propaganda, selling at a cost of ten times and twice as costs. There are two benefits of such products. First, it is very profitable, and most people can afford it; second, it avoids the limitation of the material You can copy unlimited quantities. Imagine, can there be no burning ruby, can no burning vermiculite chrysanthemum be copied unlimited? The answer is not. Even if there is strength, every size and quality are difficult to uniform. Then how can I have a bowl of water in 10,000 stores worldwide?
    For buyers who are picky and strong, such as the royal family, movie stars, chaebol families ... do not consider those entry series of big -name jewelry, because there are custom jewelry to choose from, but can see these customization of these customization Jewelry is true only a small group of people around the world, which matches their purchasing power. Just like the necklace worth 100 million at the beginning, it was said to be bought by Shanxi Coal boss.
    The high -grade jewelry is hidden in all corners of the world and your side. A small number of Chinese people have become rich for some time. In the "entry paragraph" and pursue the collection of more entry into the room. Such a collection level is also available in international big names, and there are also small shops. Jewelry is such a strange industry. Do n’t look at the innermost jewelry shop in the atmosphere. The treasure of the town store of the brand Shanghai flagship store.
    The analysis of the choice of jewelry above is still based on its real needs, but one thing is certain. Jewelry jewelry can make women delicate and confident, and jewelry becomes glorious because of women.

  2. I personally think that luxury jewelery is more appropriate to buy it by themselves. If you rent it, you will be indifferent to each time you use it. I am afraid that it will be compensated. I personally think that styles and materials are more important.

  3. Luxury jewelry renting or buying depends on people's needs for it. Determine your own needs for luxury jewelry, and then consider the brand, style and material. I personally think that materials and styles are important. The quality of quality can only be selected, and the style is also based on your preference.

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