5 thoughts on “Is the price of 14,000 diamond rings of Zhou Dafu Forevermark 43?”

  1. This price is really good for Zhou Dafu. If you buy a naked drill, this drill is about 8000. 3EX, VVS, D, this is basically top -level, but it is unable to find it. Each diamond is different, so it is not that we can buy everything. Choose diamonds and choose women. It's perfect.

  2. 43 points VS2 clarity F color 3EX F fluorescence (weak fluorescence) price: 7525 yuan cost performance: medium
    43 points VS2 classes G color 3ex F fluorescence (weak fluorescence) Price: 6622 yuan cost performance: medium and upper

    30 diamonds, the levels are very detailed, one level and one level, will not appear like F-G! You can first learn more about the price on the Internet! Then compare it!

  3. The price is slightly high. I calculate that the price of Hong Kong should be around 9,000 yuan, and it will not exceed 10,000 yuan! However, the mainland must be the price!

  4. 周大福除了创意比较好以外,更多卖的是牌子,广告费都是消费者出rn---------------------rn Yesterday I saw a pendant in Zhou Dafu. 18K gold, I laughed at me. My girlfriend thought it was a colorful drill. In fact, the color was too bad, very yellow, and I couldn't sell it at all. Less than 2000

  5. Buy a point above 50 points. The L color of Si is OK and value -added
    does not series. This series is more expensive, but the one you talk about is OK It's close to the color diamond, let alone VVS, if the color is worse
    It can still buy more expensive

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