3 thoughts on “Is the proposal diamond ring and a wedding ring the same?”

  1. Not the same one!
    1, the number is different
    The proposal ring is prepared by boys for girls, with only one female ring. Most of the wedding rings were selected by both men and women, and men and women have one, a pair.
    2, different materials
    The proposal ring is an important commitment to girls before marriage, so most of them choose a more gorgeous diamond ring. Wedding rings usually use platinum or K gold ring.
    3, different method
    The proposal ring is worn on the girl's left hand ring finger.
    4, different styles
    The proposal ring is a manifestation of boys with sincerity. Usually, the more gorgeous diamond ring style is selected, and the diamond is relatively large. Wedding rings, because you need to wear daily, you will choose some simple classic styles.

  2. No, the meaning of the representative of girls is different. For example, when my husband, when he was holding a proposal diamond ring to propose to me, I felt that he changed from an unknown BOY to a willingness to be willing to be willing to be willing When I covered the wind and rain, when we exchanged wedding rings, I felt that it was him and was willing to spend a lifetime with him. Our proposal diamond ring and wedding ring are all I-PRIMO. There are many styles, and the design is simple and sweet. It is not interesting to wear it. The most important thing is that the service is very good. Because it is Japanese service, all aspects are very detailed and thoughtful. , Trust TA.

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