5 thoughts on “Marco Wang Dani Chinese wedding photos are hot search. What other stars are Chinese weddings in the entertainment industry?”

  1. Marco and Wang Dani attracted widespread attention because they posted Weibo officials on April 19, 2021. Marco was from Shangqiu, Henan. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and has participated in many impressive film and television works. In "Flower Thousand Bone", she played a shot after killing Mo Mo, and she was widely liked. On April 19th, Marco and Wang Dani Chinese weddings appeared on a hot search. Intersection The following is the Chinese wedding in the entertainment industry I summarized.
    . Liu Shishi Wu Qilong Chinese wedding. The love of Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong envy others. They are in "Step by Step". Wu Qilong is much larger than Liu Shishi. Although their officials are not optimistic when they are in love, time is the best proof. Now they have one. The child stepped step by step, and he was very loving. In March, they were also taken to go out to play with a family of three. Their love did not want other stars as vigorously. They were long and long.
    . Huang Xiaoming Chinese wedding. Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying are also Chinese weddings. Their wedding can be said to be luxurious weddings in the entertainment industry. On the day of marriage, Weibo Search was all of them. The love of Yang Ying is now a lot of rumors about divorce, but neither party responds. I believe they can last for a long time.
    three, Chen Xiao Chen Yanxi Chinese wedding. Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi ended with "The Condor Heroes". Although Chen Yanxi was controversial in the play, she gained love in the play. When Chen Xiao married her, the kiss made many people feel their sweetness Now that the two have a son, they are very sweet.
    The Chinese weddings are now loved by stars, and Chinese weddings are also very charm in my opinion.
    The above is a couple who likes the entertainment industry who likes to hold Chinese weddings. If there are other needs to be supplemented, welcome to discuss the message.

  2. The wedding of Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong, as well as the wedding of Tang Yan and Luo Jin are Chinese weddings, and the bride's shape is quite beautiful, beautiful, and romantic. Good for them.

  3. Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying, Chen Xiaoying and Chen Yanxi, Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi, Zhang Lunshuo and Zhong Liti, Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan, they are all Chinese weddings.

  4. Zhong Liti is really beautiful. Among so many wedding dresses, Zhong Liti loves this Chinese -style wedding dress. Throughout this year's entertainment wedding, stars seem to prefer Chinese weddings, and the Chinese -style wedding dresses of actresses are even more beautiful. Chinese weddings are also an indispensable part of traditional culture. According to legend, the earliest marriage relationship and wedding ceremony in China began with Fuxi's marriage and son -in -law. In Xia Shang, there was a festival of "in love with court" and "in love with the church". The Zhou Dynasty was the era of etiquette. At that time, a complete set of marriage etiquette was gradually formed. There were detailed regulations in "Ritual", and the whole set of rituals were combined with "six rituals". The production of Liuli Wedding has since been a template for the traditional Chinese wedding, which has been circulating to this day. It is some processes in Chinese weddings now.

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