5 thoughts on “"Sure enough, it is the clear stream of the stock", why was Lin Zhiling praised by netizens after the wedding was exposed?”

  1. "Sure enough, it is a clear stream." Lin Zhiling, who has just completed the wedding recently, was praised by netizens! You must know that Lin Zhiling has been searched all kinds of hot search since the marriage news has been announced. What many people have broken the dream! You know the results of the girls in the hearts of countless people ... Fat Water slipped out of outsiders! Then, you can only bless! Watching our girls stepped into the palace of marriage step by step! (At this time, the background BGM sounded ... My dear Taiwanese girl, he finally got married, what should I say ...) At this time, collect ... Return to the positive biography!
    Why do you say that Lin Zhiling's wedding is praised by netizens? First look at how netizens boast? Many people feel a bit grounded after watching it. The flowers wearing the flowers in inlaid with a drill with a single rotten ring with a single circle ring, the total price is about 130,000 yuan, the Akira ring finger is covered from the outer side to the inside. The narrow -cut diamond thread quit the contract of RMB 11,000. The pearl earrings worn by Sister Zhiling are worth 11,720 yuan, and the red pearl flat shoes worn during the rehearsal are about RMB 6,200, totaling less than 150,000 yuan!

    Well, less than 150,000 yuan! Not! Not! I salary 5000 a month, uh! That is, the salary that does not eat or drink for 30 months! Is this a clear stream? This is a mudslide! This is just a head, then your wedding! Well, we do n’t understand the world of rich people. I can only silently wish our sister Zhiling in my heart! Um! A clear stream, I wish you happiness! Of course, compared to ordinary people, it is extravagant, but compared to stars in the entertainment industry, it is really a clear stream!

    Where are the flowing flow?
    1. No overwhelming publicity! Many celebrities can't wait to know the whole world that all kinds of media platforms and various lace trails are exploding! Why? Because the traffic in this era is the most important! It is best to get eye -catching ways to get married! Then our sister Zhiling did not report! At least, I haven't seen the news of her marriage much! (Maybe because she doesn't care about these things about love? After all, feelings are her own, don't need to show off!)
    2. Selection of the place! There is no romantic place like the legendary Matthew, nor the traditional dreams like European Castle! As a result, I returned to Taiwan! The leaves are rooted, and the row is not big or small, just right! Compared with Huang Xiaoming's world wedding, Jay Chou's romantic castle! Such a row is really ordinary!
    3. The choice of a wedding dress head! Well, it doesn't feel so tall! There is no legendary pigeon egg (think about Li Chen's pigeon eggs given to Fan Bingbing at that time!) There are no legendary 18 -meter skirts (think about how many flowers need to spend a lot of celebrities to support it!) Flash gold jewelry (refer to the various gold jewelry when the Fujian girl is married!) So, as a national goddess, Lin Zhiling's marriage is really close to the people!

    4. No wedding is made into a live broadcast! Think about 50 million some time ago and invited 42 celebrities of the Internet celebrity Simba! How many lives do you sell? Think about the century wedding of the Lord Huang Da, and half of the entertainment circles have arrived! I think the influence of Sister Zhiling, the first beauty in Taiwan, will definitely not be worse than them! Therefore, her wedding is really a clear stream!
    This written in the last words:
    Where is everyone's evaluation of this wedding! At least, our national goddess, Sister Lin Zhiling, finally found her other half! Entering the palace of happiness! Wedding is just a form, and the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper! Hope that the feelings of Sister Zhiling in the future are all smooth!
    I also hope that everyone can find their own little luck!

  2. Because this wedding is very simple, it is very simple and simple in terms of location or from the clothing, and the location is not a very luxurious or romantic place.
    First of all, we all know that the celebrities are usually very downturn. Even if you do n’t go to any of the very famous attractions in Maldives Bali, you need to go to a luxury auditorium or what a large hotel local office. wedding. However, Lin Zhiling did not choose these places. She chose to drink a tea drinking ceremony at the Grand Temple of Wu, and then held a pre -dinner party and dinner at the art museum. It can be said that it was very simple and simple.
    Then the bride himself is Lin Zhiling's head. We all know that jewelry for women is their faces. Generally, the stars are married. Wan's jewelry accessories also have to have it, but there are not more than 150,000 jewelry jewelry worn by Lin Zhiling. Isn't this low -key?
    In the end is the overall publicity. Many stars will propagate and warm up when they get married, and even receive some advertisers sponsorship. The more famous ones are Huang Xiaoming and the wedding. This sponsorship can be said to be very mad, but Lin Zhiling did not receive any sponsorship and did not promote it. He just asked some good friends. The time was also very hasty. Isn't it enough to explain anything?
    , although as a passerby for Sister Zhiling, I am not particularly satisfied with her choice object, but I still wish her to go to the end happily.

  3. This is definitely related to Lin's personality. She attaches great importance to her marriage, so choosing Wu family has a deep significance. It's not a matter of money and no money. She wants to be high -profile and absolutely high -profile. She chose this way, and she definitely loves each other, hoping to reach the end. It's not like some stars to show. This person is still very traditional.

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