1 thought on “Pinduoduo About a better shop with a better bracelet”

  1. Linjia Xiaopu flagship store.
    The newcomer of Xuping Jewelry Flagship Store is very cheap, that is, you only buy 3,4 yuan, he will also give you an invoice and a gift box. I bought his foot chain It is not much different from the goods and pictures sent by the necklace, and it is still very beautiful and beautiful, but I don’t recommend buying his family's ankles, because I have been wearing it until one day, he has been decorating the squat live broadcast. It's cheaper! The necklace in Shenzhen and the sailing shop is very exquisite, but the price is not as beautiful as the front. It is mainly because I bought this necklace the previous year. I feel that there is no fading quality or ok. There is a bunch of English letters, I am too lazy to hit her jewelry and take a beautiful and preferential price. It is not too much of the quality. I bought her small waist for about two months. Now it ’s a bit faded. Most of her family sells at Hai Tiantong Jewelry Flagship Store, and pearls are also real pearls. There are many brooches in her house. I bought his butterfly brooch and peony brooch, but I don’t Too suggesting that you can buy peony brooles, because that brooch can only look good on the coat. I don’t look so good on some thin clothes and coats. The butterfly brooch is particularly good. I took a chain to make a necklace and hang it on the neck. It ’s good to look at it. I recommend that the swan’ s pendant is wearing noble and elegant clothes. It ’s really annoying that it’ s not to give the necklace.

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