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    • Company profile:

    01, the registered capital is 50 million yuan, the legal representative is Wang Zhen, the company's address is Room 59, 4th floor, No. 301, Shuangyang Road, Shanghai. The unified social credit code and tax number is. The market regulatory bureau, the business scope of business is gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, arts and crafts, electronic computers and accessories, calligraphy and painting, department stores, clothing sales; planning, organization, and consultation of cultural and art, sports, and educational activities. [The projects that must be approved by the law can be carried out after approval by the relevant departments. n

    Wang Zhen, 80.00%of the capital contribution, 4000 million
    Ma Chunfang, 20.00%of the contribution, the amount of subscribed contributions is 10.00 million

    • executives:

    Ma Chunfang in the company's office

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