3 thoughts on “What are the rewards for young classmates?”

  1. Children who are just in elementary school believe that it must be the most lively and cheerful, but it is precisely because the self -control and self -control ability of elementary school students are not complete. There are many things to complete or persist well. Small methods, such as setting goals for elementary school students, and giving certain rewards after reaching, this model has always been effective. Today I recommend 10 prizes that are suitable for primary school students.

    Super luxury children's brush gift box
    Elementary school students generally like to paint and draw their heads full of imagination of the world. This super luxurious brush gift box must be You can cast hundreds of paintings such as watercolor pens, face paintings, picture books, and color panels in the gift box, help TA become a small painter.

  2. I wrote a prize for the progressive classmates, bought a beautiful book as a prize, and opened the first page to write some words they wanted to say to them. Then he baked the small biscuits by himself, wrapped it one by one with the packaging paper, and sent it to every classmate in the class. (Must be delicious) The effect is good, they are very moved and happy.

  3. Are you a teacher? Children generally like novelty and interesting things. It is best to be stationery and the like. For example, some eggs in Easter eggs can be scalable, and there are some cartoon shapes.

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