5 thoughts on “"Sister Four Materials Hong Kong" is like aunt, and the mainland will come back to business performances.”

  1. Xiang Hailan was one of the more famous Xiao Huadan before the TVB. She used to be the "Miss Four Miss Four Miss Hong Kong" champion in 1998. Xiang Hailan took the championship in the second year and participated in the Hong Kong Bank "Yang Guifei" as a true identity of a female text. Ugly Yang Guifei ".
    But this TV series did help Xiang Hailan successfully opened its fame, and it is still remembered by many audiences to this day. In the future, "Headless East Palace" and "Rouge Gouquan" starred in Hai Lan are also one of her classic characters. In the TVB period, although not every book is a female essay, there are at least 2 times a year. On the TV series, if you can play 4 in one year, you can play 4, and all of them have a portion of characters. This work shows that TVB may pay attention to her.
    but Xiang Hailan's ideal did not have the entertainment industry. She bluntly said that the survival standard for eating youth rice in the entertainment industry made her want to make a change. Therefore, in 2008, he announced to Hailan to withdraw from the entertainment industry in an all -round way, and went to Shanghai to serve as a media public relations work, and became an office worker. But in 2012, Xiang Hailan signed a domestic artist company and returned again. The retreat time was just four years. Xiang Hailan's selection of returning can understand. After all, she did not accumulate too much wealth when she retired. After the retreat, she should rely on her life to maintain her life.
    Pei Hai Lan has just made two dramas in 2016 and 2017, all in the real identity of the dragon sleeve, and basically did not cause all waves. It was about that there was no sales market in the film and television industry. After shooting two TV series to Hailan, there was no new work, and then the "squadron" that followed many Hong Kong stars to develop domestic development trends. The business performance, the ribbon -cutting ceremony of the standing mouth, or performed on the small stage. Although many netizens feel "poverty", the performance fee is actually quite high.
    The return to Hai Lan in 2012, from the general office workers to the performing arts circle again. As a star eliminated star, she only made two plays and some business performances. How easy is the money in the entertainment industry. Xiang Hailan revealed in the case of accepting an interview that he has always had the idea of ​​developing a trend in the business world. He used to start a business with the partnership with the pots of friends. This jewelry shop was opened in 2018. At that time, she had already returned in China for a while, and firmly believed that she made a lot of money during this time.
    This told Hai Lan that she and Zhuyou had invested millions of funds to jewelry stores at first, and it was already profitable for half a year. It can be said that it was very successful. It is understood that Xiang Hailan's jewelry shop is worth hundreds of millions of jewelry jewelry. It seems that Xiang Hailan's current value is now hundreds of millions, and it is a single rich woman who is worthy of money. In this way, you can understand why Xiang Hailan was not in a hurry to perform variety shows in the show after the release of some business performance theme activities, because she had already made some business services.
    But it is regrettable that the appearance of the 46 -year -old Xiang Hailan in 2020 has reduced the appearance after the return of Xiang Hailan, which is likely to be due to the years of retreat that he has not paid attention to maintenance. Now Xiang Hailan is wonderful. The eyes of Man's eyes are a lot aging. In fact, Xiang Hai Lan's current appearance is compared with ordinary ages. It is just a very old -age comparison with the actress. But Xiang Hailan's own mental state was very good, she bluntly felt that she only cost 20 years old. Natural people must always be the most important thing, and the psychological state is the most important. I look forward to the better life after Xiang Hailan. What do you think?

  2. I think this Hong Kong sister is really very inspirational. Presumably she also experienced a lot of suffering to achieve her now. I think she is really a particularly strong person.

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