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  1. What jewelry is suitable for snake women to wear. The Buddha depends on the clothes. In order to improve the temperament, not only need to improve the clothes, but also to understand various jewelry, otherwise the clothes in the wardrobe will be full of the clothes in the wardrobe every time. Symatic jewelry is a bit embarrassing.
    has many types of jewelry. Gold jewelry is a common choice. Although gold jewelry reflects a person's material conditions, it is particularly easy to have a sense of vision of "upstart". In fact, a truly expensive woman rarely wear gold, love these 4 jewelry, and can't hide the elegant temperament! Let's take a look together ~

    · Atmospheric beauty
    Emerald is a kind of jade. It is called "Oriental Treasure". It has a history of four or five hundred years. The more typical ones are green and yellow. It can be used for various aspects of decoration, and jewelry is only one of the uses of jadeite.
    We we look at many stars to wear emeralds when attending various large -scale events. Because of the limitations of jadeite color, there are not many scenes that can wear emerald necklaces or earrings.

    Is what kind of emerald should be selected, and what clothes should be matched with the jadeite. Generally, this set of emerald jewelry cannot be matched with daily dressing, and it is more suitable for attending some activities as embellishment of clothes. Emerald is better to match the dress, and the neck and arm should be blank in large areas, because jadeite is generally large, which is also a sign of the finished jadeite finished product.

    Although there is a ladylike temperament with the jadeite, it is very different from that elegance, mainly because it is matched with a suit. To the emerald necklace, it will look messy. And when wearing emerald, note that even if you do n’t choose a set of jadeite jewelry, you must be matched with the color system, otherwise it will look messy.

    It wearing the same color dresses when wearing emeralds will also add points with each other. If you wear a sequined dress, the whole body will become the focus of the crowd. Pure green skirts are matched with emerald, but the skirt should not be too fancy. After all, the focus of others is on the emerald!

    The people remember to use the same color system when matching, try to choose the pure color, and then the style of the skirt is mainly a word collar or tube top or a large V -neck, so that there will be room to make jadeite the whole body become the whole body. The focus, white, green, blue is a matching color that is not easy to make errors. Sisters who try to wear emerald for the first time can try to start with these colors.

    The most important point of jadeite style. Do not choose emerald jade pendants, but also skew black or red ropes, which is particularly not grade! It is recommended to choose a fine detailed necklace. This necklace is very immortal with the skirt, and it is also suitable for daily matching.

    Mi jade, in addition to emerald, there is such a Hetian jade or other non -emerald, it is also beautiful to wear. But generally this kind of jade is generally used as a bracelet. Many people think that the thicker the jade bracelet, the better. In fact, it can only indicate that the family background is relatively powerful. Usually wearing a thick bracelet will be more cumbersome. A little more bracelet, no matter the thickness of the arm, there will be a retro beauty.

    · Classical Pearl
    Pearls are classical representatives. As the historical trace of the jewelry, the primitive people find this beautiful stone as a decoration on the seaside. Princess Diana said: "If there is only one kind of jewelry left in a woman, I will choose pearls." Pearls are a variety that men, women, and children can wear, and they can bring out a gentle temperament. Make your wallet tears.

    This can choose a lot of styles. Generally, you can choose this single pearl, which reveals a small gentleness in simple. The style of the earrings is selected according to the shape of their ears. If the earlobe is relatively large, this long pearl ear decoration is not recommended, because the earlobe will grow, and the earlobe is more suitable for earrings.

    It the simple pearl is not worthy of your careful makeup and clothing. You can also try this flower -shaped pearl earrings, which also looks small and exquisite, but generally wearing this cute ear ear It is not suitable for black formal or suits, because black gives people a serious feeling, it is suitable for that lovely fairy skirt or gentle skirt

    or this large skewers pearl earrings. You can also wear it also wearing Go out for a date or go to some banquets. This kind of pearl earrings are too luxurious and gorgeous, and wearing ordinary commuting outfits can not work. If you choose a lot of pearl earrings, it is not recommended to wear other jewelry. There is one focus on your body, otherwise it will appear fancy. If you wear only one ear, it will also look very personal.

    . The pearl necklace is not as good as pearl earrings. If the clothes are wrong or the hairstyle is wrong, it will become aunt. The single -circle pearl necklace wants to wear a trick, then you can also tie the pearl necklace and skirts together. This method of wearing is not ingenious. If you are worried about errors, of course, the ordinary single -circle necklace is also a good choice. But remember not to wear small pearl necklaces when wearing such a large -area white clothes!

    or this multi -circle pearl necklace is also temperament! This necklace is suitable for matching with high or V -neck clothes, but it is not suitable for round necks. Remember that the pearl necklace must not choose a round neck whether you wear a skirt or not! Of course, it is cheongsam to match with pearl necklaces! The classic beauty suddenly appeared! But the same is true for choosing other skirts, pay attention to the white neck!

    · Elegant Diamond
    The diamonds as jewelry in the medieval Europe. It has always been a top luxury product. The appearance of "diamonds is long and long, and a forever spread" laid the position of diamond ring in marriage. In fact, wearing a diamond ring does not necessarily have to be a married lady. Choosing a more tricky style is also very lively!

    It Diamond Jewelry If you don't want to be considered a wedding ring, you can choose a diamond necklace or earrings. Although Zhang Yuqi said that the broken diamond is worthless, it can increase your temperament! At first glance, the necklace or earrings embellished with broken diamonds will have a small and exquisiteness, which will add a kind of gentleness of a small woman. This kind of broken diamond decoration will not make an error with any clothes.

    For example, commuting with crushed drill jewelry, adding a aura rigorous, adding a immortality with the dress. But remember that because it is a broken diamond, the number should not be too much, otherwise it looks like a rhinestone a bit worth it! What the broken diamond requires is less and coincidental! The rings of the pigeon egg, when you get married or when you appear more important, wear it, it is not suitable for wearing everyday.

    IO of today's accessories, what do you choose when you choose emerald, jade, pearls and diamonds? Remember that no matter which one you choose, you must not have a lot of tricks and dispersion. There is a focus point that you can choose to choose the same variety. Remember to leave white with a large area of ​​jewelry!
    The above is what jewelry related content is suitable for the snake woman, which is about the sharing of jewelry. After watching what the snake belt is transferred, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

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