Zhu Xiaowei was about to get married. The bride wore millions of big diamond ring to show off her wealth. Chen Yaman was unwilling, why bother?

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  1. The son of the coat is thinner, his wife Chen Meng took a wedding photo. He was praised and the femininity was so feminine than Zhu Xiaowei's low -key introverted. Frequently showing the scene of "harvesting happiness" on social platforms, it once made many netizens speculate that "marriage is approaching".
    Chen Meng took a set of wedding photos again, and added the topic of "I hope everyone's affection will not be disappointed", which has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Different from the previous wedding photos, the photos were not only a lot clear, but also her sweet interaction with her husband Zhu Xiaowei. For example, the two hugged gentle kiss in the room. Chen Mengdai, who has a black skirt, has a good figure, and then with pearl design, it looks like a lot of wealth. It has a significant contrast with Zhu Xiaowei with a beige vest with a shirt. Don't be too beautiful in the picture.
    Co brother Chen Meng, Chen Meng, took out the wedding photos of Zhu Xiaowei and her two. In the photo, Zhu Xiaowei suit was very handsome. Chen Meng was wearing a white wedding dress, white and beautiful, and the two looked very good. Everyone knows that Zhu Xiaowei had a marriage, and his ex -wife was Chen Yenan. After this relationship was maintained for less than a year, the two sides were separated. It is said that Chen Yanan said that Zhu Xiaowei did not ask for a progress to let his brother take it back. After a while, the coat brother also officially stated that the two were separated, and it was impossible to reunite again. Chen Yaman also said that the two had divorced during the live broadcast.

    The feeling of Zhu Xiaowei is an introverted, honest, honest, and unwilling to speak, and sometimes a very slow person, maybe these are disadvantages in Chen Yaman's eyes. But now many girls want to find such a honest and honest boy, and live a life. Because now there are too many men, most of the injured are girls, and finding a honest score is the most practical.
    Manic resignation with Chen Yanan. As a senior intellectual, Chen Meng has not expressed anything in public, even on the social platform, he still uses himself as a "teacher". And only published some rumors and about marriage. Even in the face of different comments from netizens, she did not show any dissatisfaction, and she wanted to share the joy of getting married like ordinary young people, and she was in a very good mood.

    . Like Chen Meng's low -key, Zhu Xiaowei does not speak as always, but the action is completely different from the first marriage. You can see a little from Zhu Xiaowei gym's gym in the previous coat. From taking a wedding photo with Chen Yanan to the wedding scene, Zhu Xiaowei felt that she was Mu, and could not see obvious smiles. However, in the wedding photo with Chen Meng, it is not difficult to find that Zhu Xiaowei's lips that rose slightly, and the gap between the front and rear was not obvious.
    I many people did not know him before Zhu Xiaowei did not marry Chen Yanan. Through a wedding, many people knew this thick boy. The marriage between Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Yaman failed to reach the end, but it is not a pity. Now it seems that Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Yaman are right, because Chen Yaman doesn't look at Zhu Xiaowei at all, and is willing to marry the Zhu family. What he values ​​only his family.

    In a word, getting married is just the ladder of becoming an Internet celebrity, and the real purpose is the upper position. After Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Yanan were separated, they were not alone. There was a endless stream of people who came to the door. In the end, the brother of the coat found a good girl for Zhu Xiaowei. Compared with Chen Yanan, Zhu Xiaowei's new daughter -in -law is indeed much better. Not only is she low -key, but she also has a good relationship with Zhu Xiaowei.
    is worth mentioning that the wedding dress selected by Chen Meng also means extraordinary, all of which belong to the Republic of China style, making many people speculate that Chen Meng is a relatively conservative person, but also implies that he is completely different from Chen Yaman. There is also Zhu Xiaowei's figure, which can clearly see a lot of weight loss. To get married, Zhu Xiaowei did not work hard on her body.

    The even many netizens said that Zhu Xiaowei, who looks not fancy, was handsome after weight loss, plus low -key personality, although it was still a little fat, but not greasy, and at the same time, did not forget to praise praise. Chen Meng, who looks beautiful, is kind and feminine, and complements Zhu Xiaowei. To say the most embarrassing, or Chen Meng's back to Chen Yaman, it is in the wedding photo that Chen Meng took out, there is a "background -like" wedding photo. It can't help but make people suspect that Chen Meng's move is using action proof-- -You can not.

  2. As a coat brother, it is definitely expected to be a talent. Now that a gentle teacher can give himself a daughter -in -law, it is also the right choice. Looking at the change of his son's son, Chen Yanan can only regret it.

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