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  1. Summer SMS greetings
    1. This is a comfortable and quiet world. The sun is as bright as ever, and the soft breeze is as light as ever. n
    2. At the weekend, you can take a little rest for a week. May the warm sun in early summer accompany you through a relaxed and happy weekend!
    . Fragrance, smoke fluttered into the atrium. Missing in the cool wind is long, send a cool smile and brush your face, I hope you can exhaust all your troubles, calm all the irritability, feel the beauty of time, a cool "summer", happiness is more than one "summer.
    4 4 , An elegant teahouse name is fate. Two old vine chairs are placed on both sides. n 5. One pond pond is rained in the moon, and the fireflies of the sky are rippled. It belongs to you!
    6. Maybe a dime can not be able to buy precious books, maybe a dime can not buy beautiful clothes, but a dime can pass my sincere greetings and sincere blessings. The summer is hot. , Pay attention to the heatstroke prevention.
    7. In the hot summer, we have sincere greetings, I hope it will turn into Chenxi and Chaodu, cool and cozy and moisturize your heart! Blows the blessing windpi, play the Jinse for you. I wish you a happy weekend. Happy weekend. .
    8. Summer, summer, a group of summer home is coming on the banks of the river, puppy pant hahaha, the little monkey shake fan brushed, the small fish swims the water, the frog singing. Little pig, you Why don't you participate and stay at home too much.
    9. Summer is here. I wish you all the summer wind and comfortable in summer. R n 10. Summer is here, I know that you have more entertainment. You allow you to get drunk, but you must return to the team at night. If you dare to hurt my heart and hurt my lungs, I must be disabled in your third leg. Let your birds sleep forever.
    11. Summer is here, the flowers are pretty, your mood should also be better. Get up early to do exercise, soak your feet early, do exercise, and your body is better. Earlier this summer, the weather is not good, look at the forecast, don't catch a cold. Dear, you must take care of yourself!
    12. Summer coming, send you a breeze, if you are in the flowers of hope; send you a trace of you Drizzle, merge into the sea of ​​happiness; send you a white cloud, wearing a good luck; send you invisible wings to let the happy mood fly. Between the heavens and the earth, you are the master, the stars are walking around, the thunderbolt flash is the flashing of the thunder, Highly high praise, the most beautiful temple in Fengxue. I hope you are happy and healthy!
    13. Summer blessings will not be delivered, I just hope that you are more than one "summer", more than one "summer", more than one peace, more than one peace. "Summer", more than one "summer", health is more than one "summer", happiness is more than one "summer"!
    14. Summer flour stove, blessing is like a fan. Step on the cold stones. The refreshing fruits and vegetables are full of plates, and a table is iced. The frozen frozen troubles for a lifetime, happy and comfortable. May you receive this small paragraph, the summer is cool and good. Care brings you a hint of coolness; love heat, willing to bring you gentle and lingering; the career is hot, willing to successfully bring you happy! Happy summer!
    15. Summer temperature will not retreat, accompany, accompany, accompany With a ray of breeze sent you this season of blessings, I hope you can cool a "summer", and you are willing to linger around you easily and happily.
    16. The summer is hot and difficult to hide. My text message is given to you cool. The short blessing is better than ice cream. Warm greetings are better than carnations. Think of friends, feel comfortable in my heart, read text messages, cool all over, blessing, summer is refreshing!
    17. The temperature is high in summer, there are many benefits to the weather, the sweetness of my friends, the sending text messages a lot, a good happy mood, a happy life and a happy life. I wish you a lot of cool summer and a lot of health.
    18. In summer, the sun is high. One photo is healthy, the two photos are blessed, the three photos of wealth recruit wealth treasures, the four -photo official steps are high, and the six photos are mood every day. Only a little is not very good, the ultraviolet rays are too strong, and radiation should be remembered.
    19. Summer is coming. Prison, health care, the most important thing; I wish you often laugh!
    20. Freshly wash your face in summer, decontaminate and fresh; often brush your teeth in summer, white and beautiful; drink soup in summer, hydrating and health; , Summer and no time; walking more in summer, relaxed mood; good health in summer, smiles are all treasures.
    1. The summer wind and summer summer valley, it is very hard to run all the time all day long, remember the regular life, Mo Dian health will come and make up for me. It's twilight!
    22. The summer wind is sent to the coolness, and the summer rain ushered in the beauty of the past; the summer cicada is southeast, and the summer moon is tender and helpless; Sending; Summer frogs are silent, there are more beautiful friends. Blessing SMS 2012
    3. I will give you the pure and deep breath -like deep and deep atmosphere, give you the quiet and quiet atmosphere of lemon, and give you the gentle and mottled atmosphere of the perilla. The refreshing feeling in summer is given to you, I wish you happiness every day!
    24. Greetings and breeze are more comfortable, thoughts and drizzle are more tender, concerned with white clouds wider, blessing and scorching the hot sun, text messages and sea are affectionate than the sea than the sea. The front is more certain than the rear. Summer is coming, I wish you a happy summer!
    25. Mosquito coils are not terrible. We also move it with mosquito nets. Our mosquitoes are the clan without fear, uhha! There is nothing to stop us from the glorious road of blood, No one can hinder our daily. Work! Wow, run, wow, the mosquito repellent letter in summer!
    6, the breeze came gently, walk quietly, write silent text messages, send deep messages, send deeply greeting. The coolness of the wind and rain, I store it with the true feelings; the sun in the summer, I cover it with the shade of the tree; the flow of missing, I will use my blessings to send you. May the summer happiness and health!
    7. The sky blue clouds are white, the lotus flowers are colorful, and the small text messages express their expressions. May you be happy in summer. The years hurriedly added emotion, deeply missing the heart, sincere friendship is like the sea, and the friendship of friendship is open for thousands of years!
    8. Send a beautiful part of the weekend, send a caring to make you proud, send a copy of it Youth makes you old, send a dream to let you realize, send a friendship without rewards, and then send you peace to be reliable! Happy weekend!
    9. Send you a cool refreshing wind and let it bring it to bring you Take your sweat; send you a cup of cold drinks to let it take away your irritability; send you a intimate greeting: hot summer, pay attention to heatstroke prevention!
    30. Sleeping can supplement the lack of sleep due to heat at night, Nacking can ensure that you are full of energy in the afternoon. In order to have a good work efficiency, dear friends, remember to rest at noon in summer.

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