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  1. The top ten diamonds in the world
    1, Cullinan. On January 21, 1905, a diamond rough with colorless transparency, no flaws, and excellent texture of 3106 carats was found in South Africa. On February 10, 1908, the giant diamond was split into several large pieces and processed. The total amount of the processing drill was 1063.65 carats, all of which were owned by the British royal family. The largest diamond is named "Kulinnan No. 1", also known as "African Star", weighing 530.02 carats. This large diamond that weighs 530.02 carats is a water droplet, 74 cutting surface, is perfect, and is inlaid to the scores of the British king. The crown of the queen.
    2, Braganza. It was discovered in 1725 that it was the largest diamond found in Brazil. It was almost colorless, with only very light yellow, weighing 1680 carats.
    3, a big diamond that has not been named. In 1919, a gemstone weighing 1500 carats weighing 1500 carats was found in the Pleomir mine, which was similar to Culinan. Vajrayana is specifically named.
    4, Eureka. In 1893, it was discovered in the Jags Fengtan Diamond Mine in Oraland, South Africa. It is smooth and transparent, blue and white, and excellent luster.
    5, Star of Sierra Leone. The Star of Celarion was discovered on the diamond mine in Yangegma in February 1972, weighing 968.9 carats, colorless.
    6, Cordman De Dios. The largest diamond found after Brazil found "Blagangza", weighing 922.5 carats.
    7, Kohinur (Kohinur) is the oldest diamond known in the world. According to legend, it was found in India's famous ancient diamond mining area in the 13th century -Golganda. The original stone weighs about 800 carats, known as "Ku Nuer".
    8, Great Mogul, one of the world -renowned ancient diamonds. About 1630-1650 was found in the Kela mining area in India, and the rough weighing was 787.5 old carats.
    9, Weyie River, found in 1945 in the Sali Lyono River Valley Sand Mine. The stone weighs 770 carats, nearly colorless, and the quality is very good.
    10, Golden Jubilee, was discovered in Plimir mine in South Africa in 1986. Ragstone weighs 755.5 carats and is dark golden brown.

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