What prizes do you buy for students?

The top ten class teachers in the class asked me to help them buy prizes. I do n’t know what to buy, please go out, do n’t go out and do n’t be the pen and notebook.

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  1. 1. Crystal trophy: The aesthetic trophy created by crystal can be loved by students, especially the crystal trophy such as the "Progress Award" or
    2, pen gift box: It is also very wise to use the referred to as a reward gift for students, and the exquisite and high -end
    is also the most anticipated prize for students.
    3, creative table lamp: For students who still have to learn at night, creative small table lamps are also a prize that is very popular.
    Very good.
    4. Student backpacks: The stylish and practical student backpack is also very popular as a reward student's prizes, especially the scientific design
    's backpacks of the shoulders can also reduce the burden on children's shoulders.
    Pucting information: Reward students' precautions:

    1. The reward is to not reward
    The ultimate goal of rewarding students is to help them complete the internalization of good behavior. Need rewards. Many times, students perform well or achieved good results for rewards, but in real life, they should recognize the inherent value of these behaviors.
    2. The best time to use rewards

    The children often adjust their behavior based on short -term predictable results. It is necessary to reward students to develop a new habit of developing a new habit. Once they have developed this habit, they can change each reward or reward to encourage them to keep good habits.
    3, should not be used as rewards
    This providing food according to the behavior and results of students, so that the food and emotions are connected. Use food to reward or comfort your habits. If you use unhealthy food to reward students, it will also promote students to develop bad eating habits.
    4. When will the reward use
    Sometimes, the reward will prompt people to have a short look and be unwilling to take the risk. If a person feels that something is necessary to get a reward, he will not show too much creativity in this matter.

  2. Ask students to say that ten prizes should not be too expensive, but useful and harmless supplies will pick out the pieces from them. How do you choose me? Answer: This little ghost is also tricky! Beauty BMW and so on are waiting for them to use their own grades and work hard to work. Beauty cannot buy a beauty to pay for beauty. It is not available now. Do n’t take them a small, so wait for the top ten to ask the ten prizes that can be different, and the top ten have the right to speak. Question: C came out ... I didn't say that I was the top ten ... Answer: How many age do you read? Question: I answered 18: What other prizes do you need to have a lot of money to buy a chain, such as a chain, such as Maoma and so on writing some words. This is really difficult to buy it.

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